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If you are here looking for Elliptical Reviews you came to the right place!

On here I share all my knowledge I gained looking for an elliptical trainer
myself. I know just how hard it is to find a model that suits your fitness needs.

There are just so many factors to consider.

Probably you are on a budget, you might have no clue which brand comes with what
advantage and all the technical terminology does its part to further confuse you.

I am trying to cut through all that confusion straight to what matters to average
users like you and me who want to get an effective cardio machine for our home.

Folding or non-folding ellipticals

There are two factors to consider regarding the decision if you want to get a foldable or non-foldable elliptical.
The first is obviously the space available to you.

If you don’t life in a big apartment / house there’s a good chance the trainer will be in your way when not used.
Before going enthusiastically for a foldable model you need to make sure that it is really solid.

All to often foldable models are prone to defect or feel woobly from the start.

Usually that’s a price issue. If you are willing to pay more you can avoid this.
In short good, foldable ellipticals are always more expensive (about 20%) than their non-foldable counterparts.


Electric or non-electric ellipticals

In case you are on a tight budget you will need to decide if you get you elliptical in a electric or in a non-electric version.
With the non-electric version the machine will basically be powered by yourself and your movement on the machine.

In order to provide resistance they use brake pads which come with a big downside: Wear and tear.
You can expect that you will have to change you brake pads on a regular basis if you use your elliptical often.

If you can go with an electric machine the resistance is provided via electromagnetism.
This option comes with significantly less wear on the parts which leads to long term cost savings.


Elliptical brands

The most important thing you need to know about Precor is that they are the ones who invented elliptical trainers.

Precor focusses strongly on durability of their trainers.

For this reason Precor is one of the favorite brands of fitness studios since they are build to last.

Aside from elliptical trainers Precor also produces other fitness equipments such as

    • weights
    • treadmills
    • stair climbers
    • rowing machines

Sole was founded as a manufacturer of treadmills targeting high end customers and professional users such as gym.

They put a lot of effort in their design as well as the sturdy build of their equipment.

Taking advantage of this knowledge as well as of their well established brand name they later added ellipticals to their product range.

Sole equipment is the right choice if a stylish build is one of your main concern and you don’t care too much about the price since their trainers are among the most expensive.

Founded in 1975 NordicTrack entered the fitness equipment market with their ski trainers.

From their they slowly branched out offering other fitness equipment.

There ellipticals offer fair prices without sacrifycing quality.
Their strength are online interactive features that allow you to link your exercise machine to your computer to monitor your progress, share it with an online commmunity or download additional tracks from their website.

Smooth Fitness
if you are worried about how long your elliptical will last without defects Smooth Fitness might be just what you are looking for.

All of their machines come with a lifetime warranty and they even offer to refund your purchase price in case you are unsatisfied with their trainer up to 60 days after purchasing.

They also offer various payment plans allowing you to pay 6 months later with no interest.

Nautilus / Schwinn Fitness 
Both Schwinn as well as Nautilus have dedicated themselves to offer midpriced exercise equipment of very high quality.

Nautilus started out offering revolutionary fitness equipment that allowed bodybuilders to activate more of their muscle (similar to free weights) while still providing the safety of an exercise machine.

Schwinn’s long history begins in 1895 as a bicycle manufacturer.

Later they transferred that knowledge to the ergometer market and finally broadened it to all cardo exercise machines.

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